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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Everything wrong with the US crammed into one blog post

I have recently been looking into some of our own bills and laws passed by the Senate and Congress for my own personal gain. Guided by many independent sites on which bills to read, I have been shown many disgusting truths on our own government, left publicly for all to see, but no one seems to care... 

From there, I discovered countless accounts on the governmental abuses in this country, along with the perseverance of monopolies, and just plain corruption throughout the United States of America. Below, I will list everything from the rights we have lost in this country to the companies behind out food. Enjoy.

Lost Rights:
  1. National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012
    • The president can indefinably detain anyone "who was part of or substantially supported al-Qaeda, the Taliban, or associated forces that are engaged in hostilities against the United States or its coalition partners", and anyone who commits a "belligerent act" against the U.S. or its coalition allies in aid of such enemy forces, under the law of war, without a trial.
  2. The Patriot Act
    •  This bill was created "to deter and punish terrorist acts in the United States and around the world, to enhance law enforcement investigatory tools, and for other purposes."  The keyword here is "other purposes."
    • Allows wiretapping of any citizen, and any device they may own
    • Allows "Sneak and peek" search warrants, which lets authorities search a home or business without telling anyone at all. 
    • Indefinite detention without trial.
    • The search and seizure of Americans' belongings without probable cause.
    • The government may monitor religious and political institutions without probable cause.
    • This bill was pre-written prior to 9/11, otherwise it would have to have been written in 9 days, consisting of 61,187 words, and ~6,799 words written per day. Something near impossible to scribe when the nation is panic stricken to begin with. Instead, it was sitting dormant until an attack where the people of the United States were traumatized. I mean, how could they not vote for an act with a title like "The Patriot Act." 
    • The government used the public's availability heuristic -  a predisposition of people to base their judgements of probability on the basis of information that is readily available - to fool the public into thinking they were getting an increased level of safety.
    • Although the majority of these clauses expired in December 31, 2005, the next year, the government extended nearly every single clause in the Military Commissions act of 2006. So 
      there goes all possible arguments involving expiration. 
  3. Military Commissions Act of 2006
    • Authorizes the President to detain anyone, including U.S. citizens, without charge by designating them enemy combatants or unlawful enemy combatants - completely eliminating Habeas Corpus.
  4. AB499
    • Allows the children of California to get an HPV vaccine without their parent's consent. If I was a parent in that area, i'd be freaking out. 
    • Google it if you don't believe me, this one's too obvious for my analysis.
  5. SOPA and PIPA
    • You probably already heard all about these two bills and why they were not passed.
    • But these bills show what values people put on the government. The public only seems to care about what prevents them from getting their free (and illegal) music, rather than the rest of this post. Just take note of that. 
  1. It really is sad that I need to make an entire section for the wrongdoings of American food, but here goes nothing!
  2. Monsanto:
    • Once upon a time, there was this chemical plant with the name Monsanto. They were contacted by the US Government to develop a chemical to spray (Agent Orange) over the trees of Vietnam (which I will address later on) to disintegrate foliage so that the planes can see where the Vietnamese fighters were -- to bomb them.
    • This caused the death of an estimated 400,000 Vietnamese people killed or maimed, and 500,000 children born with birth defects. 
    • Why is this under the food section? Well, later on, this same company decided to shift gears and become the biggest food corporation in the United States. But they're no average Joe farmer today. 
    • This company is a producer of genetically modified foods. 
    • What is "GMO?"
      • Seedless watermelon (So farmers can't replant it, not so you don't have to spit it out!) and countless other "enhanced" foods you see in a grocery store. No worries. These products are never labeled as "GMO."
      • Aluminum resistant plants (So you can't have your own organic farm & home garden)
      • Patented food. Is that normal? NO IT'S NOT NORMAL!
    • In the fall of 1996, award-winning investigative journalists Steve Wilson and Jane Akre were hired by WTVT in Tampa, Florida to produce a series on rBGH. After over a year's work and three days before the series was scheduled to air, Fox News executives received the first of two letters from Monsanto's lawyers. According to the letters, Monsanto would suffer "enormous damage" if the series ran. The second letter warned of "dire consequences" of the series was aired as it stood. WTVT canceled it at the last moment. According to Florida Court records, Fox's lawyers then attempted to water down the series, twice offering to pay the journalists to leave the station and keep quiet about what had been done to their work. The reporters refused and filed a lawsuit against WTVT on April 2, 1998. They went on to publish their findings independently. (Source)
    • The original transcripts for this report can be found here to learn more about rBGH:
  3. Here's a fun fact: Genetically modified food are illegal to grow in Europe. rBGH, one of Monsanto's creations, has been banned in Canada and Europe. The United States. They're not even required to TELL us that it's in our milk, or on our food. 
  4. After a trip to Europe, I noticed a significantly different taste between American and European Fanta. The actual differences are shocking:
The progression of the company:
History and Public Schools:
  1. George Washington:
    • Why is he so fancified? I assure you, there was no Cherry tree! 
    • The story was fabricated by Mason Locke Weems in the biography he wrote on Washington.
  2. Japanese Internment:
    • Half of America still doesn't know what this is.
    • During WWII, America legally violated the constitution by detaining Japanese American citizens in camps to "prevent espionage" as the U.S. Supreme Court announced. Good job checks and balances. A+ for effort. 
  3. The Indians:
    • Need I say anything at all? 
  4. Manifest Destiny:
    • Did someone say imperialism?
  5. My Buddy Abe:
    • He wanted slaves to be sent back to Africa, but was killed before he could do so. Nice guy. 
    • And apparently, he was actually beaten to death by being hammered in the ass:
    • Yes. Out of this entire post. That is the single thing I'm not serious about. 
  6. Vietnam: 
    1. Vietnam should have never happened. 
    2. The United States lost 59,000 men and millions of Vietnamese for absolutely no reason.
    3. The Gulf of Tonkin indecent, which "started the war," never happened. 
    4. Don't believe me? A document was declassified from the CIA proving it:
  1. "Like if to show your respect for ______"
    • I'm sorry. WHAT. 
    • So if I don't like it, then I dont have any respect? 
    • These photos are a disgrace to humanity created by people who want to feel popular. They choose a photo that would MAJORLY appeal to the pathos of an American, and write a caption that makes you obligated to like it, for if you don't, you feel like a hypocrite. 
  2. Farmville and various other games are fine to play on occasion with your friends... But like any other online world, purchasing a virtual item with REAL money is absolutely ridiculous. Enough said.
  3. Kids who plan on going to college to be teachers post about their underage drinking at a party they went to. Um. Hello! Everything you put online is considered pubic!
The Sky:
  1. Take a look outside your cave, often, you'll only be seeing man made clouds spanning from horizon to horizon. These were sprayed from planes to help "fight global warming."
  2. It's a phenomenon known as "chemtrails" vs "contrails." Google that for information about that. I'll talk for another 6 pages if I make a commentary. 
  3. At the Asilomar Conference in San Diego, David Keith, a known leader in geoengineering technologies was asked, "10 megatons of aluminum dumped into the atmosphere would have no human health impacts?" After a pause, he replied, "The aluminum nano-particles we have only began to research and have published nothing." In sheer amazement, the man says, "So you're telling me that spaying 10 to 20 megatons of aluminum as you said would have no human health effects?" He took a deep breath and swallowed, and said, "Let me be more careful here. We haven't done anything serious on aluminua and there could be something terrible that we find tomorrow that we haven't looked at."
  4. So why are they pushing for it? It all connects. The trails have aluminum, barium, yitruim, and strontium within. Aluminum can harm organic plants not treated with *cue connection* Roundup Ready or other GMO herbicides. The rest of the ingredients can be linked to anything from the increase in respiratory problems since these trails first started to pop up to the depopulation of the earth. What I truly believe, well, not the latter, but these are something to keep an eye out for. 
  1. The HPV Vaccine is being shoved down legislator's throats, by the producer Merck, to mandate across the country - including Rick Perry, who accepted and mandated the vaccine throughout Texas for all girls, but has not been fully tested by the FDA, and the long term effects of the vaccine have yet to be discovered, since the vaccine is only 6 years old. Already, nearly 50 girls are dead, presumably from the vaccine, since they all died abruptly less than a week after getting a shot, yet the FDA, Merck and officials deny any association with the vaccine. Fishy. I would read up on this vaccine and the controversies that surround it before giving this vaccine to any child of yours. 
  2. Gulf War Syndrome:
    • During the Gulf War, thousands were given experimental vaccines, and a lot of them. Some military personnel that didn't even leave the country were effected by it. To read up on this incident, look here: EI Resource
  3. Mandated vaccinations have become extremely controversial among parents during recent years, since many new vaccines do not undergo full testing before being released for the public, since the FDA only requires the drug to be tested for 6 months, under a limited sample size of participants, which brings up many questions among parents of the morality, the safety of their children and the knowledge of their doctors.
  • In 1938, a radio broadcast reported that a “huge cylinder” had struck earth and a “glistening tentacled creature with serpent-like eyes” was emerging from the top of it.
  • Mass hysteria spread through the areas that heard the broadcast, and according to a study conducted in 1952 by Hadley Cantril, hundreds of thousands of people actually believed that the broadcast was true.
  • He writes that these people were, "Panic stricken... Probably never before have so many people in all walks of life and in all parts of the country become so suddenly and so intensely disturbed."
  • This is a perfect demonstration of how the media is immediately believed by the general public, since it holds an authoritative position in modern day society.

I could go on for days. These are just some things to keep an eye out for. I will post this as a page on the top of my site for easy access, and so you can read up on the new additions I make to this post.

If you disagree on my post, feel free to Google it and be wrong. Or be ignorant and comment below!